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F-J Ossang

mini LP, 6 titres, 2007 Seventeen records. 16 euros
Tirage 500 exemplaires. Vinyl noir.
FJ Ossang / Mr Nasti (ex M.K.B. Fraction Provisoire). Couverture : S.Morlighem.
Disponible aussi en prix de gros, contactez-nous/Wholesale prices? Write!

Dr ChanceCompilation cd - DR CHANCE, B.O.F.
cd, Last Call 1998 —15 euros
Bande Originale du film. Avec M.K.B., Nick Cave, Gun Club, etc.


Christophe Petchanatz de Klimperei

  MondocaneDon simon, klimperei +telefunken - 25 songs looking for ears
cd - 2009 - 25 titres/tracks - Acidsoxx, USA - 10 euros
« Yet another beautifully childlike collection of casio synth and toy xylophone tone poems from Klimperei, this time in collaboration with Don Simon and Telefunken from Barcelona. File under TOYPOP and keep it with your coloring books. » Écouter/listen?
 MondocanePALO ALTO & KLIMPEREI - Mondocane
cd - 2007 - 17 titres/tracks - Acidsoxx, USA - 15 euros
Pochette/cover : jef benech, philippe sadziak
Inspiré d'une nouvelle de/inspired by a short story by Jacques Barbéri. Écouter/listen?
Overdubbed between 2005 and 2006 by Klimperei from original electronic tracks composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Palo Alto (Barbéri / Perreaudin) between 1995 and 2000.