“Why would you deny yourself anything possible!”

ou absence IV
enfin vous voyez
vous arrivez à suivre

cette fois je n’ai pas pris qu’un seul disque, j’en ai pris pas mal

oui j’ai pris l’intégrale hype williams
et les albums solos de dean blunt

The camera frames the legs of VIRIDIANA and DON JAIME, who are moving forward side by side. They stop occasionally, as people do when they are walking and talking together. At first we only hear their voices. Then the camera shows them both completely. The tone of the conversation is normal, except that DON JAIME voice shows evident interest. Hers has less expression.

« What’s up, nigga? Why you so depressed and sad all the time like a little bitch? What’s the problem, man? Niggas want to hear you rap. Don’t nobody care about how you feel, we want raps, nigga. »

il y a un peu une perte de sens
et je suis débordé par mon propre exil