je ne prends pas beaucoup de risque


{9:12} chanson dans la tête V

c’est un espoir


{17:00} plus de basse

venue d’ici
alors que l’autre jour je me lamentais que ce groupe n’ait été écoutable que très brièvement
psycho killer qu’est que c’est surfait
{more songs about buildings and food est pas mal}

{11:39} A scientific expedition disembarks from its plane at the final outpost of civilization in the deepest Amazon rain forest. They immediately notice the ceaseless thrumming of native drums. As they venture further into the bush, the drums never stop, day or night, for weeks. The lead scientist asks one of the natives about this, and the native’s only reply is « Drums good. Drums never stop. Very bad if drums stop. » The drumming continues, night and day, until one night, six weeks into the trip, when the jungle is suddenly silent. Immediately the natives run screaming from their huts, covering their ears. The scientists grab one boy and demand « What is it? The drums have stopped! » The terror-stricken youth replies « Yes! Drums stop! Very bad! » The scientists ask « Why? Why? What will happen? » Wide-eyed, the boy responds,  » . . . BASS SOLO!!! »

trouvé, ici

j’écoute le meilleur disque de the damned
the black album

ben tiens


{21:24} je dis merde à tous les hippies, tous les pauv’ cons qui écoutent du folk, et l’hypnagogic pop, tous les faux noiseux qui lisent pitchfork la page des lettres dans wire, tous les bourgeois en sandalettes, les bob dylan, les john lennon, les respectables auditeurs de musique concrete, la poesie sonore et les musées de versailles, lvmh, gq et les gros bloggeurs de merde, professionnels

merci à ceux qui restent

{21:09} chanson dans la tête IV

en fait juste une phrase

your mom threw away your best porno mag


{16:36} on the date 16-11-2009 at 16.35 i was browsing the internet namely bt junkie ,without going into a long story i accidentely pressed the download button for the copyright protected file british granny f— 5@6 which then opened my bittorrent client on my pc which the torrent is sent to with the forementioned file is attached. It normally takes a few minutes for the file to start downloading and before it did i realised what i had done and canceled the file preventing any copyright infringement from taking place. just by starting the download process would have been enough to leave my ip address listed. I hereby appologise for any inconvienience i have caused yourself or your client and can swear at no time was any part of the forementioned copyright protected file downloaded onto my pc or shared with anyone else.

je crois que dans les mois qui viennent on va {malgré tout} pas mal se marrer
The « legal blackmail » business: inside a P2P settlement factory


{18:32} chanson dans la tête III

y’a plus qu’ça